Month: May 2021

Buglife success

Buglife reported yesterday that the EU court of Justice rejected again the chemical company Bayer attempt to overturn the Neonicotinoid pesticide ban. Matt Shardlow on Buglifes Website made this comment below. Buglife have worked hard to make the public aware this use of Neonicotinoids is so harmful and worked very hard to influence, educate and…

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Read Inkcap Journal

I subscribe to Inkcap journal. It is a brilliantly written journal, edited and often written by Sophie Yeo. She is a great writer and commissions great writer to explore all sorts of topic that effect the natural world I would recommend reading and subscribing to her website go to the link below. The latest is…

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Groundwork East Get Wild

Groundwork East has launched the new ‘Get Wild’ videos! The videos are packed with outdoor activities that parents and children can do in their garden or local green space. They can be done in all weathers and are a great way of getting children to use the outdoors as a place to play and learn.…

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