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The B Team’s vision

Richard Branson and friends are holding up a vision of a better and more sustainable, caring future for the planet. We love the short video  – One of the four visionary outcomes is – TRUE RETURNS “Investment flows disproportionately to businesses that generate sustainable, long-term value for people, planet and profit.”        

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An uncomfortable journey

It’s a beautiful spring here in the East of England. To remind us of  the challenges we face, here is a link to ‘An uncomfortable journey’ – a short video of our manifesto launch last autumn: – Haidee

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Challenge same-thinking

Wild Anglia’s manifesto was launched last autumn and has been very well received. It hit the intended spot – being readable, timely and very relevant to what is happening in Suffolk and Norfolk at this important time as growth and investment plans are developing. Wild Anglia has received warm feedback including personal emails from farmers,…

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Connecting Nature – on the ground

Wild Anglia board member Heidi Thompson launched the Connecting Nature Fund with delivery partners Farm Conservation Ltd. at the end of last year.  The fund will use mitigation funds from local developers to replace habitat in Norfolk. This Norfolk County Council initiative demonstrates the Wild Anglia manifesto in action and shows the practical outcomes to…

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Wild Anglia’s vice chair Gareth Price is forming a collaboration of brilliant minds who will consider the issue of planning and how it can be inspired to better serve nature, society and economy. The group will comment on selected major infrastructure projects, drawing on the widest best practice and innovation to provoke the best outcomes…

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Nature – your business partner already?

Is nature your silent business partner – do you need to make a bit more capital out of where you are? I asked a group of Suffolk tourism businesses if their customers or visitors had an overwhelming sense of being in Suffolk. If you were visiting somewhere like the Lake District or Yellowstone National Park…

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