Author: Richard Powell OBE

Chair of Wild Anglia over 35 Years working in nature conservation and sustainability

Connecting Wild Words and Actions

The sober assessment of Britain’s battered wildlife, as reported in the State of Nature Report of 2016, prompts a resuscitated call for new approaches to acting on wild words. There is an irony here. We are facing possibly the most serious disruption of long standing wildlife habitat in a generation, bearing in mind that throughout…

By Richard Powell OBE September 3, 2018 Off

World Environment Day: Beat Plastic Pollution

World Environment Day, an initiative by the United Nations Environment Programme, is a worldwide movement for encouraging awareness and this year the theme is combating plastic pollution… around the world, 1 million plastic drinking bottles are purchased every minute! The initiative is taking place on Tuesday 5th June and we are all encouraged to come…

By Richard Powell OBE June 5, 2018 Off