Bird Names and our relationship with nature

June 22, 2021 Off By Richard Powell OBE

A great paper written by Andrew Gosler -Professor of Ethno-ornithology, University of Oxford looking at the old names for birds and what that tells us about our relationship with the land nature and countryside. Really interesting We have moved away from a inter related relationship with land and nature over the last 50 years more so in the last 20 as technology and the speed of life takes us into a life style that tells us that nature the countryside is something you watch on TV listen to by David Attenbourgh or not to go to because it is muddy or might upset a farmer people have moved away from nature until COVID-19 when we were locked down and walked or went to the garden or park which allowed us the time to look smell see and hear again, its that we need to cultivate into a new relationship woith nature again