Buglife success

Buglife success

May 7, 2021 Off By Richard Powell OBE

Buglife reported yesterday that the EU court of Justice rejected again the chemical company Bayer attempt to overturn the Neonicotinoid pesticide ban. Matt Shardlow on Buglifes Website made this comment below. Buglife have worked hard to make the public aware this use of Neonicotinoids is so harmful and worked very hard to influence, educate and give good policy to the EU and its officials. Thank you Buglife (and others of course) for all your hard work.

Buglife CEO Matt Shardlow said “This is a fantastic result for Europe’s bees, it gives the EC more authority to take sweeping action to prevent environmental harm and re-confirms the importance of the precautionary principle in enabling this action. However, is casts a stark light on the situation in the UK where there is increasing uncertainty about the application of the precautionary principle and the recent decision of George Eustace to allow the use of neonicotinoids on sugar beet clearly failed to protect the environment or to properly risk assess the harm to the environment that this use would have caused to freshwater life. It is of great importance that the UK establishes a transparent risk assessment function for pesticides and introduces new approval tests for wild bees, butterflies and ground beetles – all of which were impacted by the approval of neonicotinoid insecticides.”

See main article on Buglife’s Website.

EU Court of Justice rejects Bayer attempt to overturn bee-killing pesticide ban