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Garden Cities and climate change

Across the UK there is a shortage of housing, and it is increasingly understood that we need to plan and build new, large-scale developments, as well as renewing existing towns and villages. At the same time, many people worry that any new places built will be no more than soulless, unattractive dormitory suburbs. How can…

By Wild Anglia May 6, 2016 Off

Sustainability skills underpin long-term economic success

The global economy is facing a perfect storm of rising population, scarcity of vital resources, volatile prices of essential materials and resources such as energy, degradation of ecosystems and biodiversity, and the effects of climate change. These significant global and UK trends mean that environment and sustainability need to be integrated into decision making at…

By Wild Anglia April 12, 2016 Off

Nature is a special subject

All too often, we stay in our little boxes.  Scientists talk to scientists, artists talk to artists, writers talk to… themselves (well, I do anyway).  It is a rare and special subject that brings people together, across disciplines and from a wide range of organisations. Nature is that special subject. It is all at once…

By Wild Anglia March 1, 2016 Off

Well I never…

Was loving NBIS’s June bulletin and decided to post to share,  then saw the final news item -it’s priceless … – Haidee

By Wild Anglia June 30, 2014 Off

Pick one – or several

Wow, great events here from Norfolk Wildlife Trust  – based in Norfolk’s Bure Valley ‘Living Landscape’ area. Choose from practical tasks (where you might wield a rake),  evening talks, and  informative walks … These are excellent opportunities to get to know the nature that’s all around us. click to find out more…Further information – Haidee

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An uncomfortable journey

It’s a beautiful spring here in the East of England. To remind us of  the challenges we face, here is a link to ‘An uncomfortable journey’ – a short video of our manifesto launch last autumn: – Haidee

By Wild Anglia March 27, 2014 Off

Nature – your business partner already?

Is nature your silent business partner – do you need to make a bit more capital out of where you are? I asked a group of Suffolk tourism businesses if their customers or visitors had an overwhelming sense of being in Suffolk. If you were visiting somewhere like the Lake District or Yellowstone National Park…

By Wild Anglia October 7, 2013 Off