Salthouse Heath fire and the landscape

August 16, 2022 Off By Wild Anglia
Picture Credit Cley Bird Club

the loss of habitat at Salthouse is another example of damage the hot dry spell has given us this year and how we must look at the way we work, and play differently in climate change. Climate change impels us to act differently to adapt to change our behaviour. What was once the norm and accepted now cant be and littering especially bottles and plastics, deposable barbecues are just 2 of the behaviours that we must change if we are to protect fragile habitats. As we want to explore more, to experience nature more, and there are more of us, we must also respect more. have more understanding that what we do, how we behave, how we treat landscapes is much more important now as we effect so much bio diversity in whatever we as humans do.

Nick Stone a great blogger with much thought and eloquence wrote this about the Salthouse landscapes taking us back to a people who once called it home and of course left a mark in the landscape but one that is much more natural than what we do today. Some would have called them the vandals of the age digging holes and burying people but the landscape was bigger, our impact so much smaller and more natural, we dug holes we changed landscapes but on a scale in keeping with the time as our impact was limited by our strength and tools of the day but we didn’t leave plastic rubbish and a destructive legacy.

I recommend reading Nick’s blogs they are fascinating…