Wild Words with the Norwich Science Festival

Wild Words with the Norwich Science Festival

October 24, 2016 Off By Wild Anglia


Wild Words made a special appearance at the Norwich Science Festival last week to debate how to encourage pro-environmental behaviour.

A great debate was held with Dr Tom Hargreaves and Dr Charlie Wilson from the University of East Anglia setting the scene about different thoughts and approaches for encouraging pro-environmental behaviours in society. Do we focus down on impacting individual actions of people to make small changes in their daily routines and decisions or do we try to tackle the issue on a broader scale and support sustainable behaviour at society, industry and governmental levels?

It was wonderful to have such an engaged audience firing questions and comments that expanded the debate and discussed whether the above were mutually exclusive options or whether elements of both approaches would help. With discussion exploring our political climate, global variations and the importance of communication at all ages!

We’d like to thank the Norwich Science Festival for hosting this event and everyone who attended and made it such an interesting evening. We look forward to seeing you all again, along with new faces, at our future Wild Words events. To find out details check our Wild Words page.