Economic Growth

Economic Growth

Economic Growth: nature will make a full contribution to the success of the economy.

In some sectors, such as Tourism or the broader Visitor Economy, it’s easy to see how nature supports business and growth. 

Credit - Broads Authority

Credit – Broads Authority

We have iconic landscapes and natural spectacles that attract paying visitors (not to mention those who live here!), and that’s worth about 10% of our economy.

We will champion inspirational thinking to look at the ‘big picture’ in which the environment, economy and society are considered together, because nature has relevance to all business sectors – if you take a closer look. 


We are working to ensure that:

  • Nature is promoted as a core element of economic growth strategies and all natural resources are identified as viable economic assets.
  • Our iconic landscapes receive recognition and investment, and local businesses can benefit by developing the Wild Anglia brand.
  • New and significant investment is made, at all levels, in the natural environment and natural capital of Norfolk and Suffolk is considered a bank-worthy of investment.
  • We champion inspirational thinking that looks at the ‘big picture’ in which the environment, economy and society are considered together.
  • We do things differently, taking a more integrated approach to our work to ensure the full value of the environment is realised.