Health & Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing

Healthy and Happy Society: making the most of nature’s capacity to improve lives.

We will help to connect communities to nature so people can enjoy the outdoors in places full of wildlife, fresh air and inspiration,close to where they live, and we will work with health organisations too.

Credit - Broads Authority

Credit – Broads Authority


Nature is recognised as a healer and is at the centre of many projects that seek to improve mental and physical health, but it is also a preventative medicine, it keeps us well and gives us a better quality of life – if we are able to get at it!


We are working to ensure that:

  • The contribution nature makes, or can make, to our health and wellbeing is fully recognised within health strategies.
  • We help to connect communities with nature, so people can enjoy the outdoors in places full of wildlife, fresh air and inspiration, close to where they live.
  • We partner with health organisations to enable natural capital to deliver health and wellbeing.