Strengthening Nature

Strengthening Nature

Strengthening Nature: creating, improving and investing in the natural environment.

We have a mission to change hearts and minds, but we are committed to delivering more natural areas on the ground – new wild spaces that will have many benefits to people and wildlife,  such as:

Credit - RSPB

Credit – RSPB

increasing biodiversity, alleviating flood risk, protecting assets such as drinking water, providing quality spaces for leisure and recreation, benefiting our health and strengthening our tourist industry.

Biodiversity is a word that describes the richness and quality of nature.

We will champion biodiversity and strive to put funding of the natural environment on a better, more sustained footing.

We are working with partners to ensure that:

  • New wild spaces are created, providing multiple benefits such as: increasing biodiversity; alleviating flood risk and protecting assets (eg. drinking water); providing quality spaces for leisure and recreation that will benefit our health and well-being and increase our tourism offer.
  • We will safeguard benefits for future generations by ensuring the appropriate measures and resources are in place for long-term management.
  • We champion biodiversity to maintain the richness and quality of nature. We support measures that connect natural areas and, in so doing, make nature stronger and more adaptable to its many pressures.
  • We seek to put funding of the natural environment on a better, more sustained footing.
  • We inspire debate and thinking that will enable new long-term projects on adaptation to coastal changes, flood resilience and flood defence to be economically, socially and environmentally sound.