About us

Wild Anglia’s ambition is to enhance the natural environment and sustainable development of Norfolk and Suffolk through effective partnership working with business and communities.

If you live or work in Norfolk or Suffolk then this will matter to you and your family because its about planning for the future – the future of our businesses, our quality of life and for our wildlife.

Credit - Steve AylwardCredit – Steve Aylward

This is far more than just being nice about nature because the natural environment underpins our society and economy.  It provides us with food to eat and water to drink, with medicines to heal us, with raw materials to build our communities and with habitats that help us relax whilst they quietly clean our air and soils.  Our natural environment is not optional, an add-on, or a ‘nice-to-have’ but it will not support us forever if we fail to recognise its true value and invest in it.  How we make sustainable decisions for the future is of top importance to enhance our economy but also to enhance this beautiful part of the region for all. 

To do this we take a strategic approach by working with a wide range of partners across fields such as business, tourism, finance, conservation, health and policy-making.  Credibility and honesty are vital so we have formed ourselves as an independent, not-for-profit organisation with no political or corporate affiliations.  We were awarded Local Nature Partnership status by the government in 2012, with a remit to find and debate local solutions that enhance the natural environment, improve society, strengthen the economy and inform. We are a community driven website so it would be good to hear from you how we can improve that. 

Credit - Broads Authority

Credit – Broads Authority

Rather than dictate an agenda onto a reluctant audience, we have set about working with partners on common goals to embedding nature into growth strategies, business plans and projects – that really is quite a different approach.

Our Board and advisers covers many disciplines but with a common aim to think differently about nature and business.  Our natural environment can and does contribute to our economy so it is right that it should receive investment from business and society just like any other asset or service.

To achieve this, there needs to be a change in how nature is perceived, by people, by business and by those who lead in the environment sector too.  Our mission is to start to make this happen, to agree a common language and set of tools.  We may even need to invent some new ones.

Wild Anglia will be a counter-culture for nature, encouraging, inspiring and pushing for the very best decisions for our two counties connecting people, communities with the natural environment and challenging the economy to become more socially aware greener and environmentally aware. We are about creating a safe space for debate, discussion and information

The simple truth is that nature is everyone’s business in Norfolk and Suffolk.