In a world full of opinions, positions and some rather dubious facts, Wild Anglia has set out to do something different… Create a space for discussion.

The truth is that no-one has all the answers but we believe everyone has something to add to the solution.  Everyday people and organisations have great ideas but they do not always get off the ground because they do not get the support they need to develop and mature.  Using our networks and contacts we can connect partners and host discussions that enable ideas to become a projects with the support and resources they need.


Open and Impartial

But sometimes bringing partners together is not enough.  The issues and challenges may be structural, political, cultural or economic and may involve more than one organisation.  We can work with partners to break down barriers and look for ways to achieve more collectively.  This work is our own form of the ‘Chatham House Rule’, providing an impartial and discrete arena for partners to resolve issues.


Challenge Same Thinking

What is the priority if we are to keep global temperatures below 2 degrees?  Should the NHS pay for woodlands to reduce pressure on hospitals?  How should we manage coastal change?  Does democracy damage the environment?  And, what is a bittern actually worth?

Achieving sustainability and enhancing the natural environment are two of the most challenging issues we face and everyone has an opinion on what should be done.  In our society, its the loudest voices that usually get the greatest airtime but that doesn’t make them the best ideas (or even right).  So, Wild Anglia has started Wild Words – a series of talks to challenge preconceptions and stimulate debate where everyone’s opinions are valid.



Conferences and seminars remain an important way to bring organisations together.  We lead and support various events throughout the year on a range of subjects from sustainability to funding. Events will be advertised on our website.