Our Mission

Our Mission is to change the way we think about our natural environment in Norfolk and Suffolk. 

We champion the natural environment by helping to understand and share the real value our natural capital, goods and services bring to our society and economy.  We aim to to ensure nature is embedded in decision-making as a core asset rather than as an optional extra.

We believe that only when nature – in its most rich and ubiquitous form – is truly recognised as an essential foundation of a prosperous economy and healthy society, will it naturally be invested in and become a legacy for future generations. 

Our Manifesto sets out our strategic objectives across four broad themes:

Wild Anglia - Four Pillars Summary

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economic-growth development-and-infrastructure strengthening-nature health-and-wellbeing
1. Economic Growth: Nature will make a full contribution to the success of the economy. 2. Exemplary ‘Green Infrastructure’: Insisting on the best projects for people, nature and economy
3. Strengthening Nature: Creating, improving and investing in the natural environment
4. Health & Wellbeing: Making the most of nature’s capacity to improve lives