The manifesto is our starting point for how we will shape our work, engage with partners and measure our success.

Our core strategic document is our manifesto, which sets out our vision and aims for the partnership. These are broken down into four strategic aims;

1. Economic Growth

2. Exemplary Green Infrastructure

3. Strengthening Nature

4. Healthy, Happy Society

Unlike most strategy documents our manifesto comes in two parts (click on the images below to download).

manifesto-part-1-outline manifesto-part-2-outline

Part 1 includes our vision, mission statement and a summary of our aims.

Part 2 looks in more detail at why natural capital is so valuable to us, from supporting our society and economy to maintaining our precious landscapes and our health.  In addition Tony Juniper gives his view on why Wild Anglia offers a new opportunity to rebuild our natural resources.

The manifesto needs modernising. We consulted widely businesses, statutory agencies and community groups in 2020/21 about the 4 key pillars of work, they were given strong endorsement and supported as still important and relevant today. We will be undertaking a refreshment of the manifesto in 2021

For more information head over to our youtube-logo-wiki_free_commons channel and take a look at our manifesto’s launch video to see what Wild Anglia is all about.  

If you would like to know more about us and our work then please get in touch with a board member who will be very happy to discuss our work and how you can support Wild Anglia.