Sharing Resources

Sharing Resources

We are developing an online library of resources to help partners access information more easily.

Working in partnership with organisations means that good ideas and best practice can be shared for the benefit of all.  Wild Anglia does not have all the answers but by working together and sharing what we know we can ensure that more is achieved for the environment.  

There is a wealth of information and data available in documents, plans, strategies, books and on websites but it’s not always easy to find and access.  So, we are now creating this space so resources can be found more simply.  


Wild Anglia

atta4cab  Wild Anglia manifesto 


dandelion_4C  ‘An uncomfortable journey’ 


January 2015 – The State of Natural Capital (3rd Report)



September 2013 – Tourism businesses and nature



17 Dec 13  The triple bottom line/ Chatham House

EADT (Business Supplement) triple bottom line 171213

12 Oct 13   ‘Biodiversity is everyone’s business’

EADT (Env sup) #4 Wild Anglia manifesto 121013

5 Oct 13  ‘Natural assets’

EADT (Env Sup) #3 Wild Anglia manifesto 051013

28 Sep 13  ‘For the environment and the economy’

EADT (Env sup) #2 Wild Anglia manifesto 280913

21 Sep 13  ‘Manifesto for a major mission’

EADT (Env Sup) #1 Wild Anglia Manifesto 210913

19 Sep 13  ‘Call for change’

EADT (Main paper) manifesto launch 190913