We have temporarily finished the project for now but will restart later in 2019. We want to thank all those who regularly presented photographs of their #My Wild Anglia We still want to celebrate everything people love about the wild sides Norfolk and Suffolk and find out all the different ways we connect with our local nature and how it supports our daily lives! 

Everyone will still have their own stories about how and what our local environment means to them and we still want to see and hear your stories of what makes #MyWildAnglia to you so please use the hastag #WildAnglia when tweeting or celebrating the wonders of the natural world and we will ensure we retweet etc We will be celebrating #MyWild Anglia again later in the year. From grabbing a quick walk outside in your lunch break, feeding the wildlife in your garden or that hidden gem for a weekend walk! lets celebrate our natural environment.

So how do you connect with nature? There is an established link between engaging with nature and increased wellbeing. Wild Anglia is passionate about connecting communities with nature, so people can enjoy the outdoors in places full of wildlife, fresh air and inspiration, close to where they live.

We would like to know what #MyWildAnglia means to you!

Tweet us @WildAnglia using the hashtag #MyWildAnglia with your photos to get involved and share your stories to showcase the great outdoors in Norfolk & Suffolk! New photos will be added weekly to our gallery with the Photo of the Week from photos shared with us over at our twitter(please see terms and conditions at the bottom of this page first)

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#MyWildAnglia Terms and Conditions

  1. All images should portray nature and wellbeing in Norfolk and Suffolk.
  2. We reserve the right to use and share photos on other platforms such as our website and other materials.
  3. Photographs uploaded may be shared on the Wild Anglia Twitter and Flickr accounts.
  4. All photographs will be fully credited whenever possible to do so.
  5. You must only post your own photographs, or with the written permission of the owner. Proof must be given if asked and held for at least a year.
  6. Wild Anglia does not accept any liability for the publication of unlawfully reproduced images.
  7. If there are any people in the photograph their permission must also be sought and written evidence supplied if needs be.
  8. Photos should be of legal matter only. It is up to the photographer to ascertain this.
  9. Wild Anglia reserve the right to remove any photo at any time without warning