Development & Infrastructure

Development & Infrastructure

Exemplary ‘green infrastructure’: insisting on the best projects for people, nature and economy.

If we are to build a future to be proud of we must build the modern needs of people and nature into housing and infrastructure projects.  

Credit - Blue Sky Leisure

Credit – Blue Sky Leisure

This means creating better spaces for nature and people within and between individual developments.  Challenging, but achievable.

We will encourage our counties to adopt the best technologies,  innovation and design so Norfolk and Suffolk become synonymous with good practice and excellence.


We are working to ensure that:

  • Norfolk and Suffolk builds a future to be proud of by including the modern needs of people and nature in housing and infrastructure projects – within, beyond and between the footprints of individual projects.
  • Our counties adopt the best technologies, innovation and design and become renown for good practice and excellent outcomes. We work closely with businesses in the private sector to deliver top quality initiatives.
  • Decision-makers require all development and infrastructure projects to add value to the natural environment, providing people with better products and services for the long-term.
  • We maximise the potential of developer contributions through ‘offsetting’ mechanisms, the Community Infrastructure Levy and Section 106 payments.  We also look for opportunities to work as the local branch for Norfolk and Suffolk with bodies such as the Environment Bank.